1. Joma

The perfect start to a falang day.

The perfect start to a falang day.

Although trendy falang hangouts are numerous these days, Joma will forever epitomize the falang lifestyle in Laos, and is an important core location in every falang’s introduction to expat life.  Falang love Joma for many reasons.  Coffee, pastries, and falang food are available on an English-only menu, which makes them feel at home.  Sometimes the food is even holiday-themed.  They are guaranteed to run into an acquaintance at Joma, which allows them to remark “what a small town!” and pat themselves on the back for being so well-connected.  There is wi-fi, which is essential for falang existence; this way they can post photos of their soy chai lattes, or the holiday-themed food to show friends at home what a novelty it is to celebrate common Western holidays in their new, exotic locale.  Joma is also socially-conscious, which allows falang to feel less guilty about spending the same amount on their coffee and snack that could be spent on days’ worth of food from the local market.  Can’t find your falang friend at Joma 2?  You should consider checking Common Grounds, Cafe Nomad, or Naked Espresso, and you’ll be almost guaranteed to spot them.

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3 thoughts on “1. Joma

  1. Crash says:

    Joseph and Mary .
    Joma was originally born of a couple of seventh day adventist.
    They began as bakery.
    But they are open on Saturdays!

  2. I love the Joma!! We were visiting that coffeeshop few times during the summer, when we traveled to that area, it was so awesome to seat there (and the coffee and food not bad at all)!

  3. […] ritual by holding housewarming parties when they move bans. (All within an acceptable radius of Joma 2 of […]

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