5. Phimphone and Simuang

Between seeing people you would rather avoid at Joma and crafting your next happy hour tale of cultural misadventure, expat life in Vientiane can be downright demanding. At the end of a long workweek, the last thing falang want to do is navigate the abrasive sights and smells of the local market looking for dinner. Thankfully, a Western culinary oasis exists in the form of Phimphone and Simuang. Looking for fair-trade unbleached hand-milled buckwheat flour for your next dinner party dessert? If it exists in this town, you’re sure to find it at one of these two locations. Be sure to check out the noticeboards on your way in the door to find out the date of the WIG Bazaar or snag that perfect sectional sofa. If you’ve been to the field this week, or had a particularly stressful meeting with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, you should treat yourself to the imported, hermetically-sealed filet mignon. (You totally deserve it!)

Some incredibly advanced falang actually frequent the local markets for produce (but never meat). If you are one of these exemplary people, be sure not to mention it to other falang. It will just make them feel bad. Definitely do not mention the fact that you can buy a kilo of avocadoes in the street for the same price as a single one at Simuang. Some things are better kept to yourself…

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3 thoughts on “5. Phimphone and Simuang

  1. Emilie Huard says:

    thank you for the fun! you have a great blog but hey, you forgot pimphone coffe ^-^ on your joma article!
    cheers mate,
    émilie (PAISAI)

  2. Glad you’re enjoying it, Emilie! Phimphone/Benoni will certainly be featured in future posts, since falang LOVE their coffee and lunch!

  3. Bounthavy says:

    Don’t Falang love queuing up to get ripped off? Doesn’t it show their high status like my gold Lexus sticker on the side of my “lord nyai” shows my hi-so status?

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