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4 thoughts on “About

  1. john obrien says:

    brilliant! frightingly accurate but wait,this applies all over asia.have you tried the sour soup in the philippines.you really must…i’ll send you 20 photos, ask me about my lens.

  2. john obrien says:

    have you been to el nido philippines? you really must! quickly before those hideous backpackers with their looney planet books arrive. but as i told the locals what’s the point of unique halong bay type scenery,pristine beaches and reefs,unique culture and wonderful food if the electricity doesn’t work and the internet is rubbish! i’ll send you photos..again ask me about my lens.

  3. AM says:

    So glad I’m getting to experience Laos before its ruined by [insert invasive population here: package tours, the Chinese, corporate investors, retired Europeans, etc]. In 10 years it will be just like [insert tourist slum here: Hoi An, Siem Reap, Sapa, etc.].

  4. Maxwell Fitzpatrick says:

    After reviewing the comments, one of the things falang seem to like is impersonating Lao people and then commenting of Stuff Falang Like!

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